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At Visions, we offer​

  • A friendly and open workplace where individual contributions are highly valued,

  • Flexibility to meet family needs whenever possible,

  • Work that is varied and interesting and

  • Sewing projects that will fully utilize the skill and capabilities of sewers.


April 2, 2021

Overview:  Since 2002, Visions Upholstery & Canvas has provided commercial and residential sewing solutions and products for a wide range of industries and customers in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sewing applications include but are not limited to such items as gloves, bags, mittens, pads, marine covers, repairs of all types, marine, airplane and home upholstery, etc.  This is a job shop which means that work is varied, projects can be one of a kind or can be production runs of one item.


Jobs Available:  Currently there are full and part-time sewing positions available for sewing mittens, gloves and bags.

Requirements:  Familiarity with sewing machines and experience in their use. Skill in taking and understanding verbal instruction.  Demonstrated ability to produce high quality repetitive work in a team environment. Willingness to learn new things as new products are acquired.


Hourly Rate:  Based on experience.  Full-time employees earn vacation and holiday pay.

Hours:   Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.   

Contact:  Andrew Lautenbach at the address and phone numbers listed above.


Application Process:  Candidates will complete an application which will be reviewed to determine experience and attributes relative to the required work.  The application process will be followed by a personal interview, if appropriate.

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